Why we lead

We're hear to take on new DIY home projects and lead by example. Over the next couple of months we will be tackling a lot of do it yourself home projects and sharing our experiences and recommendations online. As more and more information makes it's way on the internet, it get more difficult to filter through the crap and find the best help and advice. We're hoping to change that by provide unbiased feedback on everything we do. Sign up for our email newsletter below to get the best leadership advice on the world wide web.


Tile Installation

We recently lead the way with a shower overhaul! The old tile (from the late 70s) had started to fall apart and was cracking along the grout line. We decided to remove all of the tile and replace it with something more modern since the pink tile was certainly dating the bathroom.

When inspecting what the tile was adhered to, we noticed the original contractor had used basic drywall and hadn't use any special coating other than what looked to be paint. S0, we decided to replace the drywall with .. Continue Reading

paint removal

Paint Removal

While most of our lead by example posts will be about interior home projects, we will be doing some additional diy project when if it's recommended or falls onto out to-do list. This is one of those needed to do projects that involves paint.

We recently purchased a project to work on in our spare time. This project is from the early 90s and the paint is started to show it's age. On top of that, the previous owner tried to do some of his own touch up work and unfortunately didn't do a very good job (if you're reading this, we apologize) but we're happy to know this wouldn't be a lead paint issue. The part in question that had to be repainted first had to have the paint removed, and this paint just so happens
to be on.. Continue Reading